How Much Data Does the Radio Use at what Kbps

To listen or to do a live broadcast will use the same amount of data per hour on your internet connection.
Every listener that is connected at say 48Kbps will use +/- 20 meg of data per hour from the server to them.
If you are broadcasting live, you also will use 20 meg per hour. (see below for accurate calculator)

Data Use to Listen or Broadcast Live:

48 Kbps 21.6 MB/hr
64 Kbps 28.8 MB/hr
96 Kbps 43.2 MB/hr

128 Kbps = 57.6 MB/hr
192 Kbps = 86.4 MB/hr
320 Kbps = 144 MB/hr

Try This:

Bandwidth conversion calculator


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