How do I get help?

You can either use our "Live Chat" on the web page
or open a support ticket by going Here

or by emailing using your "Billing" email address you signed up with.
if you do not use the email address you signed up with, we will still get your ticket but the response will not be prompt as the ticket will not be marked high priority.

You may also mail billing@usl.webste to open tickets concerning your billing.

If by chance you happen to obtain a staff member's phone number, Skype, Facebook or personal email it will not be considered a legitimate support ticket and you can not complain that you got no or bad support if you do not have a support ticket reference number.
Contacting staff on a personal level outside of the methods mentioned above is not considered USL official support.

Getting Voice Support from USL must be booked in advance and no passwords or usernames can be given over the voice support call at all.

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