Steps to follow after purchasing your radio

Step 1 


After your payment was successfully received, our system will automatically generate the following emails to your email address

  1. Customer Invoice – which will contain your invoice amount as well as payment method, and information and link  where to view this invoice


       2. SHOUTcast New Account Information


       3. Invoice Payment Confirmation

You may review your invoice history at any time by logging in to your client area. 

Note: This email will serve as an official receipt for this payment.

        4. Your USL Shoutcast Account  details!


Example of the content of the email

Hello sc_Your login name,

Thank you for your order from us! Your USL Radio -- Shoutcast account has been setup and this email contains all of the information you will need in order to begin using your shoutcast account.
Please Do Save This Mail.

USL Radio --WHMSonic Panel & FTP Account:
Panel URL: or 
FTP Host/IP:
Username: sc_your login name
Password: xxxxxxx
Info: You can upload your MP3 files directly into the FTP account for AutoDJ. After MP3 upload, open your WHMSonic panel and reload the playlist or create a new AutoDJ. You can manage your playlist on WHMSonic panel. If you receive an error such as upload failed, that means your hosting quota limit is exceeded, you may remove some mp3 files or request more space. Your upload limits are provided under the account limits of this email.

If ADJ keeps playing after you edited playlist and you cant login with SAM etc... just put radio off then refresh radio and all will be well again.

If Songs are deleted from playlist the ADJ will stop playing on your radio ! You will need to restart it.

Shoutcast Information: (Direct Connect to Radio) (old style)
Radio IP:
Radio Port: XXXX
Radio Password: XXXXXXXX

New ADJ & Live DJ fade-in fade-out interface (Connect to ADJ with fade-in and out)

Radio IP:
Radio Port: SEE ADJ PORT
Radio Password: CREATE A DJ ACCOUNT "with DJ Manager"

Account Limits:

Hosting/MP3 Quota-Upload Limit: XXXX
FTP Account Permissions: yes
Listener Limit: 9999
Bitrate Limit: 128 Kbps
AutoDJ Permissions: yes
Bandwidth Limit: Unlimited

WHMSonic Website:
How to use:

More Help:

Some Links To Your Radio:

ONLY Computer: (Plays with VLC or Winamp)


or if you hosting with us http://YOURDomain:XXXX/listen.pls

ONLY BlackBerry:;listen.mp3 or;listen.mp3

If you Hosting with us you can use your domain name like this:

Ask us for or create a Media Player Link if you need it.

Get VLC Here:

Shoutcast will pick up your radio name automatically and list it for you.

Save the email, you received from the radio server in a safe place.


 Step 2

Now you have to use the information contained in the email that you saved

USL Radio --WHMSonic Panel & FTP Account:
Panel URL: or  
FTP Host/IP: 
Username: sc_your login name
Password: xxxxxxx

Go to your Radio Panel by using the following link

Panel URL: or  

the following page will open in your web browser where you enter the username and password that were allocated to you and click on  “login”



The following page will open which we call for this example the Radio mainframe



In the radio mainframe, you can do the following:

Create your Auto DJ, which will play 24/7 when there are no live broadcasts

Video: Tutorial for external radio FTP connection, playlist creation and auto-DJ creation !

The following tutorial video shows, how to create a playlist and upload mp3 files to playlist folder and then Auto-DJ creation for the playlist.


  1. Create a playlist under the WHMSonic >> Playlist Manager.
  2. Connect to the FTP with your cPanel WHMSonic login username and password, upload some mp3 files.
  3. Click "Reload Playlist" button under the playlist manager to activate your mp3 files.

Video Tutorial:

Playlist / Auto-DJ MP3 Name

MP3 Name: 
The new playlist manager allows you to change/edit mp3 names on the playlist online. It is IDV3v2 tag of the mp3 file and it is the name of a song that Auto-DJ uses to set a song name on your radio. WHMSonic sets IDV3v2 tags automatically by reading the uploaded mp3 file name when you upload a new mp3 file, this is the same if you upload by FTP and "Reload The Playlist" on the playlist manager. You can also configure IDV3v2 tags on your computer then WHMSonic will pass the automatic IDV3v2 tag update.

How to change/edit an MP3 name on the playlist ?
Simply click on the edit icon link to edit the mp3 name on the playlist. This will update the mp3 name and IDV3v2 tag of it online. So you don’t have to edit mp3 files on your computer and then re-upload etc.. It saves your time.


Create login’s for your DJ’s

Manage you play lists for your ADJ

Restart, Activate or deactivate your radio

Start or stop your Auto DJ

View the amount if listeners on Shoutcast

Monitor and get the statistics of listeners on a hourly. Weekly. or monthly basis –  which you need to save at the end of each month because at midnight on month end the records are for the month gets automatically deleted.


Step 3

At this point, you will want to compile a playlist to play 24/7 on your ADJ (Auto Disc Jockey)

How to do this

  • Compile a playlist on your computer containing 300 or more MP3 tracks of hit music. Ensure that it is the kind of music the listeners in your target market would want to listen to when there is no live broadcast.(keeping in mind that the playlist will play nonstop) You can make any number of playlists which you can rotate on a daily weekly or monthly basis depending on what you prefer to do.
  • Make sure all your tracks are converted to MP3 format as the software is not compatible with other formats
  • Depending on the legislation in your country, make sure that the Artists names, tracks names are visible.
  • Remove any punctuation that is not applicable to the English language

Once your playlist is ready, you can upload it to your radio direct from the mainframe or via your FTP account access.



Step 4

What you need to set up your radio station at home or anywhere you please:


  • A Computer or Laptop with 2 ram memory with windows 7 loaded
  • A sound card with microphone output
  • A microphone preferably a headset with microphone output
  • A stable internet connection for your area with minimum 1meg speed



What to do next


  • Get the radio software and get training if needed.
  • Get sponsors to sponsor your shows.
  • Advertise for DJ’s to broadcast on your radio station or invite friends and family to broadcast on your station.
  • Create a Facebook and Twitter accounts for your radio station and register on TuneIn.
  • You can start a webpage where you can load all your shows on a podcast so your listeners can listen to the shows should they have missed it.
  • Register with Tunein and Streema once registered on Tunein anyone with internet access can listen to your radio worldwide on any cell phone, tablet, android or computer.
  • Invite all your friends and family to like your Facebook Page and to follow your station on Twitter.
  • Promote your radio or let your marketing manager do it for you.
  • Plan and compile a broadcast schedule with your programs and advertise it.
  • Decide on a date to launch your radio and get your marketing person to market it.
  • Launch your radio station with a bang.
  • Get advertisers to advertise on your radio station to provide a monthly income for your station)


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