How to pay with Credit or Debit Card? Print

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Step one:

You need to log into your account at USL:

If you forgot your password go here:

Once logged in you will see this screen:


Click on INVOICES -

You will now see a full list of your invoices unpaid and paid. Pics/loginscreen01.jpg

Select the invoice you want to pay.

The Invoice will now display on your screen: Pics/loginscreen01.jpg

Select Payment Method by using the pull-down box and select Credit & Debit Card payment method on the invoice:

Yoco system will now popup, when you click the green Pay With Yoco Button. - Pics/loginscreen01.jpg


Supply the popup screen with your Card Number / Expiry Date and CVV code - and the pay button will become active, click it.

Your invoice will now be marked paid immediately and if you ordered a new product, it will be activated automatically and immediately.

What Credit & Debit Cards, do we accept?

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