Common reasons for domain transfer failure

Not accepted by the Registrant

The current Registrant email address is available via a Whois lookup. The domain update request may not have been accepted by the Registrant if

  • they have not seen, or have ignored, the emailed update request. Remind them and resubmit the transfer request.
  • the Registrant email is no longer in use or is incorrect. You will need to contact the registrar to update the registrant email address.

Domain dispute

There may be a dispute and the Registrant has denied the request. If you are not the domain owner, please make contact with them to resolve any outstanding agreements or concerns.

If you have bought a domain from someone, ensure that you adhere to the arrangements of the sale and have paid any relevant fees, or they will deny the transfer request.

The domain name is in Lock status

Contact your registrar for assistance on how to unlock your domain for transfer, or alternatively, you can unlock your domain via their control panel.

60 day Transfer Lock period

Domain names are locked by ICANN for 30 to 60 days after initial registration or previous transfer and can’t be transferred during this period.

Contact the USL Team and request that they setup your domain as a Hosting Only package.

After the 60 day lock has expired, contact our Admin team again and request that they resubmit the registry transfer for you.

Anniversary Period

If a domain is in its Anniversary period of 3 days prior to its expiration up to the 6th of the following month, it can’t be transferred.

Authorisation code or IPS TAG is needed

Some registrars require an Authorisation Code or IPS TAG for the transfer to be processed. This is mainly for .com, net, org, info or biz domains and an IPS TAG for domain extensions.
Contact your current registrar for this information.

The domain has expired

Please contact your registrar immediately to renew the domain and avoid it being deleted and taken by someone else.

Renewal or Registration fee is outstanding

If a renewal or registration fee is still outstanding, the domain cannot be transfered. Please contact your current provider to arrange payment.

Domain ‘Whois’ Privacy

If a domains was registered using the Domain Privacy feature, the domain contact information will not be publicly visible. This could be preventing you from seeing outdated contact information.
Please contact the relevant Registrar. If you are a listed contact, or know the listed contact, you should be able to gain access to the account to make any changes required.

Evidence of fraud or court order

Contact your current registrar to establish possible reasons.

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