Server DC Information

Our servers are built using the RAID-50 architecture.

99.9% Uptime: We've built our systems to be fully redundant to meet the needs of your organization.
Our servers are built using the RAID-50 architecture.
If one disk were to fail, our system ensures that two spares are available to automatically fail over.
Network uptime and VPS availability is our #1 priority.

Each plan comes standard with a 1Gbps burstable network port, SSD storage built on top of a fully redundant network.
Our datacenters are located all the West, Central and Eastern regions of North America.
We also allow you to host your VPS in our Paris, France datacenter.

DC Locations for VPS VDS Servers:

Chicago, Illinois, USA Central
Dallas, Texas, USA South Central USA
Los Angeles, California, USA West
London, England UK
Sofia, Bulgaria, EU South East
Paris, France, EU West


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