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Free Domains for Selected USL Customers

USL is one of the world's first free domains providers. Our mission is to bring people online and help countries develop their digital economy. Free domains work exactly like any other domain name. You can use it for your website, your blog, email account and more! You can choose to run your free domain with URL Forwarding or your own DNS (Name servers). Domain extensions currently available for free registration:

TK Domain ML Domain GA Domain CF Domain GQ Domain

Free, Paid and Special Domains

Not all domain names can be registered for free. A limited number of domains are considered "Special" and can only be purchased. Their price varies.

For example, all 1, 2 and 3 character domains, as well as common dictionary keywords, are considered Special.

All other domains (those that are not Special) can be either purchased (Paid domain) or registered for free (Free domain). Compare and choose between the two options using the table below:

 Free DomainsPaid Domains
TLD available .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ
(including Special Domains)
Usage Works like any other domain name, use URL Forwarding or your own DNS (Name Servers). Works like any other domain name, use URL Forwarding or your own DNS (Name Servers).
Registration and renewal 1 to 12 months
Free to renew
(unlimited renewals)
1 to 10 years
(unlimited renewals)
Pricing FREE! Pricing starts at USD 10.95 per domain name per year. Special Domains are priced higher, depending on the name.
Payments No payment needed USL accepts PayPal and EFT
Legal rights Registrant acts as user of domain name, not as licensee Registrant acts as licensee of domain name
Transfer rights None. Full
WHOIS USL appears as the licensee in the WHOIS Domain registrant appears in the WHOIS and registrant can update it freely
Policies Must comply with USL free domain name policies. Must comply with USL paid domain name policies.

Free domain name registrations are subject to content policies set out by the top level domain name registries. Please find these content policies below:

Dot TK Content Policy (PDF)
Point ML Content Policy (PDF)
My GA Content Policy (PDF)
Dot CF Content Policy (PDF)
Dominio GQ Content Policy (PDF)

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