Blocked -- What to do if you are blocked anywhere on the system

Firstly, you must avoid getting blocked from our systems by not logging in more than 3 times with the incorrect password.

Where can you be blocked and how long will the block last:

  • On The Servers (30min for 3 tries, 1hr for 5 tries and 24Hrs for more than 10)
  • On The Billing (15min)
  • On Your Website Admin side (1 hour to 30 Days -Set By Admin)

What now? I blocked myself.

If after 30 min you are still blocked, you need to get in contact with support ASAP either on the web-site or by submitting a support ticket, they, in turn, will get a Level 3 Admin to get you unblocked and this could take some time, so be sure to be specific to as where you are blocked and what is your IP address, this will save time and get you unblocked sooner.

Best is do not enter your password incorrectly 3 times as this will block your IP from the system you trying to log into.

You could if you have a Dynamic IP just disconnect from the internet and reconnect and you will have a new IP address.

But not if you have a Static IP address.



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