How to upgrade my radio sound quality

The quality of the radio stream is determined by the total Kbps setting of the radio, in other words how much data does the radio push through to the listener or if you will, how much data the live DJ is pushing to the Radio Server..

As a Radio owner you are allowed to use any setting within your package deal up to 320 Kbps

You may ask support to make this setting for you. 

Be Aware that higher Kbps will result in great improvement in sound quality but also higher data usage when broadcasting and to listen will incur the same data increase.

Slow connections like in South Africa will handle 128 Kbps but we recommend 48 or 64 just to cater for everyone that has a slow line, but this is up to you entirely.

You may test and adjust this setting as you wish as we said above just contact support 

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