DO NOT's Things you should never do on your radio

  • Don’t ever delete an active playlist or edit it.
  • Don’t create weak DJ passwords it will not work.
  • Don’t upload more than 400 Meg’s songs in Web-Interface of Radio at a time.
  • Don’t create folders in FTP programme and load songs in there. You need to create the playlist in the web-interface and then FTP to it.
  • Don’t load WMA files in your playlist only MP3 files will play with ADJ.
  • Don’t connect and start talking always start with music to fade into ADJ when you connect with SAM else your first words will be cut.
  • Don’t talk and then disconnect from radio with SAM encoder, you always need to play out with music else your last words will be cut.
  • Don't forget to reset the radio after you added music or new DJs just in case.
  • Don't forget to save all settings under FILE tab in SAM after changes to SAM or encoders.
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