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When setting up email there is one cardinal thing to remember *** YOUR FULL EMAIL ADDRESS *** is always the user name not just the front bit before the @ sign, you need to enter the full email@domain.TLD as user name.

Your mail servers SMPT & POP3 are always the same and has the same name as your own domain name with us, but it has the word "mail" in front of it like this  mail.domain.TLD

Therefore, Yours Will Be:
      mail.your-domain-name.COM / ORG / NET or Co.ZA

For SMTP & POP3 (Also Known As INCOMING & OUTGOING Mail Servers)

We cannot see your password nor do we save customers passwords this is for security reasons and to protect your privacy at all times. However, we can change your password for you at any time and you are also welcome to do it by logging into your Billing account thus having full control over your products and Domains with us.

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