Domain Redemption ?

Domain Redemption

On 1 December 2012 our regulating authority (ZACR) introduced Domain Redemption.

What is Domain Redemption ?

It is important to renew your domain before it expires.  Closed Redemption is a state that a domain enters once it has expired and gone through the Deletion Phase.

The process is as follows:

1. The domain will expire.
2. The domain will go through the Pending Suspension and Pending Deletion Phases.
3. After the Pending Deletion phase is over, the domain enters the Closed Redemption Phase.
4. In the Closed Redemption Phase a domain can be reinstated at the cost of the Closed Redemption Fee: (This is Costly)
5. Closed Redemption Phase lasts at least 30 days (1 month), depending on the Registry.  After 30 days (1 month) the domain will become available to the public (anyone) for re-registration.

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