What is required for a domain to be transferred to or from USL?

When transferring your domain to USL:

Your Domain must be older than 30 days for Co.ZA and 60 days for COM ORG NET etc. to be able to transfer.
You will need to advise your current hosting company that you are transferring your domain away so they can cancel your automatic billing with them.
You will then need to get, an Authorization code (if applicable), unlock the domain (if applicable) .Co.ZA does not need an Authorization code but COM ORG etc. do & needs to be unlocked.

Make very sure your email is listed as the registrant for this Domain as that is the owner's or keeper's email and will receive a transfer ticket email that needs to be answered by that email owner as YES before the other host will let it go.  

When transferring your domain away from USL:
You will need to personally give our billing department a calendar month notice and ensure that your account is paid up. You might need to go through a security check before any action is taken. Thereafter you will contact your new hosting provider and get further instructions from them.

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