My Payment hasn't been allocated, what should I do?

Our Billing Department and various automatic systems constantly check for deposits made into our bank account and allocate them immediately to unpaid invoices, depending on the reference number. However, should you find your payment has not been allocated, then please send your POP (Proof of Payment) to

Always use the invoice number, Company Name or your own name as your reference. This will enable us & our systems to allocate this payment quickly. This should never take more than 24Hrs. Please feel free to contact us at any time regarding any queries about your payments or invoices, we are here to help.

We will require one of the following information items to allocate your payment correctly:
- Company Name
- Invoice Number # (especially if you have more than one invoice, as our system will allocate it to the oldest invoice first)
- Your Name

PayPal Payment was not allocated:
This should never happen as PayPal payments are immediately marked as paid and services switched on or created automatically.
However if something does ever go wrong on PayPal’s end, please contact us immediately to rectify any errors as all PayPal payments are logged and linked to invoices as they are paid on the billing systems.

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