What is a Domain-Name and Hosting and E-Mail?

What is a Domain Name?

A Domain Name is the electronic address on the internet similar to your physical home address.

You need a *Stand/Plot of Land* to attach to the *Address* you have just purchased

On this *Stand/Plot of Land* that you purchased, to which you attached the *Address* you can now build your *House*

Stand/plot of land = (Hosting)
Address = (Domain Name)
House = (Website)

Now, what is Email?

Imagine it like this:

You already have your aforementioned Stand, your Address and your House . Think of your postbox at your front gate where you receive your mail

In this case you can give everyone in the house a *Post box* at the front gate of the house where they can receive their mail which is in this case email.

Post box = Email Address

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